Deep River Mercantile is full service paint studio and retail store in downtown Pittsboro, NC.  We offer custom painted cabinets and furniture.  We also teach workshops at our store and have a wide selection of rugs, furniture, homewares, candles, and stationary.  Stop by and see us for more information about a project in your own home, to pick up some paint, or find a new rug!

Our Story

Deep River Mercantile officially began, as Lacy Seagroves, in 2014, but its creation began about 10 years ago.  At that time, Hannah's mother opened her own decorative finish business, opening Hannah's eyes to the wonders that paint could create.  Oddly enough, with walls and furniture constantly transitioning, as her mother honed her craft, Hannah swore that this was not a career she wished to pursue herself.  Flash forward a few years, Hannah graduated from Meredith College, married, and moved to rural Florida to begin her new life.  She quickly realized that new furniture was not in a newlywed budget but, goodwill prices combined with paint could help her create a home she dreamed of.  Having worked beside her mother for years, Hannah applied those skills and found a new passion.  After working to hone her own abilities and think outside the box in color combinations and styles, Hannah now enjoys creating beautiful pieces from roadside finds and helping others to create their own treasures.  

Deep River Mercantile 

We want to thank our customers who helped to grow our business in its first years.  We quickly outgrew our small studio and have now opened a new studio and homewares store in downtown Pittsboro, NC.  


Image courtesy of Caromal Colours


Caromal Colours Paints

Caromal Colours are the best paints to get that original patina look so many strive for.  The best feature, they make the process simple and perfect for the at home DIYer.  With no need for sanding, stripping, or priming, these paints make it easy to transform your furniture, cabinets, and accessories.  Don't hesitate to try these out on anything you can think of, from old urn lamps, raw wood, rain barrels, serving platters, and outdoor bistro sets, the possibilities are endless.  

There are three lines included in Caromal Colours - The Country Living Artisans Collection, BEYOND Paint, and the new Monahan Botanicals.  Each of these can be interchanged and work well together for a layered look or you can even create your own custom colors!  We're always here to answer any questions you have and are happy to make suggestions and offer tips along the way.