Sydney Hale Co Candle

Sydney Hale Co Candle


Sydney Hale Co. is a family owned fragrance house making small-batch candles out of Arlington, VA. Their amazing subtle and unique fragrances are hand-blended in soy wax from American-grown. The wax used are natural soy, from a renewable source. Once finished burning they encourage reusing the container - hold fresh flowers, q-tips, small office supplies, etc.

Key aspect of their business model is their commitment to their local animal rescue organization via 10% of profits generated is donated.

14 oz, Double Wick, Approx. burn time: 50 hours

APPLEWOOD + BIRCH Roasted applewood bark, cognac and sweet birch.

BOURBON + BROWN SUGAR Molasses saturated sugar cane and charred double oaked bourbon

CEDARWOOD + VANILLA Mountain cedarwood with roasted bourbon vanilla

COCONUT + VETIVER Perennial bunchgrass of Haitian vetiver blends with raw crushed coconut

 EUCALYPTUS + SAGE Crisp eucalyptus, warm honey, herbaceous sage, patchouli & teak

LAVENDER + BAY LAUREL Herbal and bright in its signature with lavender, bay laurel, lemon & cedar

TOBACCO + SANDALWOOD A sultry and seductive blend; Tobacco leaf, sandalwood, talc & marigold with a light base of vanilla

WOODS Bay Leaf, bergamot, sharp and resinous Australian sandalwood, smoked cedarwood and dried hay

WOODSMOKE + AMBER An open fire off in the distance leaving you with the feint smell of woodsmoke in the cool air

 SUMMER SWEET + PINE Warm and toasty pine with fragrant summersweet and dried chamomile flower

AGAVE + HONEYSUCKLE Nectar from the blue agave with a milky honeysuckle floral

GRAPEFRUIT + HIBISCUS Tropical Hawaiian hibiscus meets the tangy bitterness of grapefruit


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