Back from Market!

We've spent the past two weeks traveling across the state and were blessed to take part in the Southern Ideal Home Show and the High Point Furniture Market.  We were joined by Monahan Papers for the furniture market and were able to see the beautiful pairing of her papers with the new botanicals collection and it was amazing.  Not only are the Monahan Botanicals colors stunning and a wonderfully crafted palette, the packaging is beautiful.  I spent the entire week moving from one favorite color to the next.  Every combination was incredible and I even found myself venturing out from by standby greens to the beautiful blues of Iris and Hydrangea in this collection.

Stephanie had brought along an old chair she was hoping we could work on during the week.  The decades old paint job was falling away so we wiped away the paint we could (paint fell from the chair if you walked past it) and found the original paint color.  This tiny speck left over from years ago was a perfect match to Dandelion, so the decision what color to paint was already made for us.  A quick dry brush of Cattail revitalized the seat and we had an almost perfect match to the original colors of the chair!

Now that we're home we've spent the weekend unpacking and enjoy meals from our own kitchen instead of through a window.  We had a fantastic time and have another busy week of consults and projects ahead of us!  Hope y'all have a great week and we'll be back soon with more projects and how-tos.  

Hannah BrownComment